April Caddell is a current PhD student of the University of Alabama with a Master of Arts in Women's Studies. April views yoga as a spiritual practice that includes more than just asana, although asana is important, too. April's practice include right attitude toward others and herself (yamas and niyamas), physical exercises on the mat (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), and meditation and mindfulness practices. April creatively combines these limbs of yoga in to her class as a way for everyone to learn and practice together. 

​Kesa Gray

April Caddell

Exa Johnston Skinner holds a 200 hour yoga teacher certification. She is also certified to teach chair and restorative yoga. When she isn't teaching or practicing yoga, Exa works as the Director of Operations at Kentuck Art Center & Festival. She is a member of Young Tuscaloosa and has served on the boards of the Alabama Visual Arts Network and the Andalusia High School Scholarship Foundation. Exa enjoys dancing, hiking, painting, and acting with the Rude Mechanicals and Improbable Fictions. She has two children and a very supportive husband. Exa is currently training to run a marathon. 

Kesa has been practicing yoga since she was 13 years old. She has been attending Yoga Bliss as a student since 2010 and took over as Owner in 2016. She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist. She loves to bring a sense of fun, humor, and open mindedness to her yoga practice through her teachings and her music playlists. She believes in showing that, though yoga is a serious practice, there is still fun that can be had during a class. Kesa also likes to show her students that all body types are yoga bodies and any race or gender can practice yoga. 

Exa Skinner