Class descriptions

Stretch It Out- This class is designed for flexibility in mind. If anyone knows about muscles and movement, it's Kesa! As a Licensed Massage Therapist, muscles are her super power. Join her as she takes you through a series of different poses with props to increase muscle elasticity. Poses will be held for 3-5 minutes and certain movements will be incorporated to allow flexibility. 

Restorative-This restorative class will combine relaxing, gentle poses, long holds,  soothing music, lots of props, and essential oils to create a serene environment in which the body can drop into the parasympathetic nervous system, unwinding stress and tension from the week and preparing the body for a night of deep sleep.

Soul Flow- Soul Flow is a gentle yoga flow accompanied with soulful music to get your body moving. This class brings a different style to your yoga practice through music and laughter so come with an open mind and ready to have fun while continuing your yoga practice. This class is great for all levels and the instructor will bring you all the feels.

Yoga for EveryBODY- How many times have you thought about going to a class only to think "I'm not flexible enough" or "I don't look like your typical yoga person", Yoga for EveryBODY gives you a sense of relief when attending. This class is tailored to your body's needs for the day. The instructor will offer modifications to give you the best practice for you.


Single Class 


5 Class Pack (expires 2 months after purchase)


10 Class Pack (expires 2 months after purchase)


One Month Unlimited

(Excludes Workshops and specialty classes)